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CHOICE KL Coordinators & Team

Dearest CHOICEes and friends,


Welcome to our CHOICE KL website! We wish you the peace of Christ each time you click on this webpage! 

CHOICE KL has come a long way in our journey to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE the single adults in KL. More than two thousand young people have attended the weekend programs in KL and have had their lives blessed in or way or another..... indeed this ministry is special to more than a few people in KL, Malaysia and even some countries in Asia and around the world. :-)


With this website, we hope to serve you better, either by providing you with information, happenings, sharings and real life stories so that your life might also be enriched with the love of CHRIST through CHOICE!

Keep yourself updated with the many happenings and an exciting activities we have throughout the year for CHOICEees, through our website, our Yahoo Groups or our Facebook Groups.

Love and prayers,

"To Know, Love and Serve"

Andrew Arul
CHOICE Eng KL State Coordinator

P.S  Allow me to Introduce our CHOICE English KL Team for 2018:

KL State Coordinator 1 Andrew Arul
Secretary Doreen Mavis Patrick
Finance Coordinator Judith Audrey Jeevarathnam
Presenting Coordinator 1 Janice Yamuna
Weekend Coordinator 1 Valerie Yee
Weekend Coordinator 2  
Fellowship Coordinator 1 Ronald Rozario
Spiritual Coordinator 1 Raymond Anthony
Web & Comm Coordinator 1 Clare Thong
Web & Comm Coordinator 2 Johnathan Chong


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