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Dear Choicees,

As the current CHOICE Couple we are honoured and humbled by the request to share our thoughts on the Choice Movement. Our journey began when we saw the CHOICE Movement as a splendid platform for the Church to be ‘connected’ with the single adults, who are increasingly being challenged on their relationships with God, parents, siblings, the opposite sex, premarital sex, homosexuality, inter-religious marriage and work-life balance, in today’s fast paced and changing world.

As we got involved in the planning and roll-out of the Weekend Programs for CHOICE KL (English) and the CHOICE Asia Conference, we were fortunate in getting useful feedback from the pioneers of this Movement. We give praise to our Lord and thank the selfless efforts of those Choicees who played a part in bringing up the CHOICE Movement to what it is today.

The formation of this website was one of the key initiatives that was established from the Choice Servant Leadership Workshop held in January 07. We pray that this new channel will become an important way to reach out and connect with the new and “senior” Choicees on-going basis .

Finally, with our Spiritual Director, Fr. Gregory Chan’s support, we will work alongside with all the Choicees to reach out to more single adults through various Choice Weekends.

Love and God Bless
Choice Couple:
1) Colin and Rina
2) David and Shevonne

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