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CHOICE in Malaysia

CHOICE began in Malaysia in the year 1981 in Kuala Lumpur. From that day, CHOICE in Malaysia, has grown from it's humble begining in Kuala Lumpur to reach out to the states in the country. In Peninsular Malaysia, CHOICE Weekends are actively organized throughout the year in Penang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

In East Malaysia, CHOICE subsequently spread over to Kuching. Since then, CHOICE Kuching has brought the CHOICE Weekend to various parts of Sarawak, including Sibu. The latest addition to the CHOICE Malaysia family is CHOICE Miri in 2007. 

Currently CHOICE in Malaysia is conducted in 4  major languages throughout the country namely, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil.

In Malaysia, CHOICE is organized similarly as the Catholic Church is organized in Malaysia, by Diocesan or Archidiocese. Active CHOICE movements in each diocese/archdiocese is represented by a state coordinator and their respective teams. While the various CHOICE  movements operates and organize activities independently, all CHOICE movements in the country, collectively forms "CHOICE National", which represents Malaysia.

Annually, CHOICE movements around the country will meet to discuss the direction of CHOICE and to share their experiences.  The Chair for CHOICE National rotates every 2 years.

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