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Hear what some of the previous CHOICEes had to say about their Weekend 


CHOICE English 102 grads:

At first I couldn't be asked to go, and then my mom had a serious op that week and lagi i didn't wanna go, but when she came out from ICU she made me go in the end!!! . I came with a very heavy & distracted heart... At first on friday night, it was still hard for me to open up & share but, it got better along the way.. Many emotions came upon me in that 3 days, never thought I would feel moved with waterfalls gushing down my cheeks. To sum the 3 days I had there, I just felt light, in that short while I actually felt happy But the best thing among all were the people.. I went there and met strangers, strangers who became friends, and friends that became family ❤ - Ralphie

Coming with an open mind and heart gave me the chance  to experience and take away what I needed most from this CHOICE weekend. Feeling part of a bigger family! - Gary

It was a life changing weekend, a weekend that brought many hearts together and created a sense of belonging..rest is a secret that has to be experienced physically and not through reading these words - Debby

An eye opening experience that made me think what I’ve missed in life and moving forward what I should b doing with my life! Thank you CHOICE 102 - Emiliene 

Personally I loved it.. I get to connect with new catholic friends as I never had catholic friends after confirmation.. makes me go church more as I have some friends to go with now - Dezmond

Attending Choice 102 is the most life changing experience I've ever had! I am now closer to God in prayers and church thanks to all the take home messages I have learned from the programme. I want to be a better person now and I am so thankful to Choice. - Anita

Earlier I had a big question in my mind whether joining choice program is necessary as my schedule was packed. After joining choice my life began to bloom again. I made the right choice and there is no regrets for it. If you have the choice join choice program to create miracles in your life. Cheers - Catterine

After Choice weekend, there has been a lot of reflecting and questioning. It was a weekend where I found myself exactly where I was when I first confronted my issues 7 years ago. This struggle was so real! I was not contented by the state of my current life. However, God had redeemed me and I accepted this invitation to search within myself again.  I managed to received this huge grace of healing by attending this weekend! I was finally prepared to be still and to enjoy being in the company of Jesus. - Jacinta

I have always had the impression that CHOICE was where you go and find a partner. But was I wrong. Coming to choice was the best decision I’ve made thus far this year. The experience and the people I’ve met only for 3 days I now call family. It has brought me close to God and I would like to thank the team for making this a great and wonderful experience. To know CHOICE you have to experience it yourself. - Brandan


CHOICE English 100 grads:

This program has given me a time away from life and routine to facilitate my decisions in life and questions were all answered - Joshua Sebastian, CE100

Choice 100 will welcome you with open arms, it's a fun and wacky family you never expect to be a part of. "So loved" - anonymous, CE100

Choice is a rich programme that provides a platform for all young people to rethink their perspectives on life. - Tonia, CE100

Eye opening, making me rethink my life and past choices and hope for new start for better future. - Johnnie Walker, CE100

Attending CE100 was one of de best CHOICE i have made.. A very very big shout out to all the choice family members whom made it a success.. A very special thx to Fr.Gregory and Sister Mary.. All the presenters, papa and mama bear and de married couple presenters.. May God shower his choicest blessings upon you all and give you strength to continue doing his wonders.. You guys were just awesome and you guys touched and transformed us.. Proud to be part of tis family.. Kudos to the whole team.. Once again a BIG thank you for  giving us the opportunity to be part of tis beautiful family.. Love you familia! - Jason, CE100


CHOICE English 99 grads:

This program is encouraged for all working adults as it will give you tools for going through your journey. It is encouraged for those who are not even religious or are lapsed catholics, as it can be applicable to anyone. - Ivy Patricia

A superb weekend! Thank you a million for reaching out to all of us. It means a lot! I now appreciate the "secret" very much - Claire-Rose

Need realisation? CHOICE is the choice! -Aaron Daniel

I had a self discoveries and realisation which was much needed. -Priscilla Raymond

Giving me a sense of direction that I was searching for with every hour of the weekend! -Deborah

You'll never be disappointed. Come and experience the presence of God and by the love of God in our life. -Grace

It was an eye opener and it was a very good experience. The weekend was awesome! I never regretted it. -Monica

No guts, no glory. No harm done spending a weekend with a group of individuals who genuinely wants to give, so we receive. -Rachel Chin


CHOICE English 98 grads:

I feel this is a very useful and impactful program as it teaches you how to form meaningful relationships with others especially your family. Relationships are a very important part of life as it is one of the things that bring meaning to life. So, I highly recommend this program especially to those struggling with their relationship. - Isabella Pinto

I came to Choice not thinking much and not expecting much, but I have received so much. Lots of appreciation to the CHOICE Ministry, much love and highly, highly recommended - Angela

Words cannot describe the feelings. To know what is feels like, you have to experience it personally.. You wont be disappointed. - Virginia


CHOICE 85 grads : 

" The weekend was very impressive, indeed the work of God" ~ Andrew

" It is indeed a good program for youths to understand where they stand now in their lives and how to improve their lives and relationship with other people in their lives"  ~  Belinda

"It's a truly enriching experience . I will definately recommend it to others" ~  Cynthia

" Brilliant and life changing experience. I feel renewed and inspired to be a better person and to serve the community" ~ Carol

" I think it's great that the CHOICE weekend is kept a secret. This way it allows the participants to experience it for themselves" ~ Fabian

" When I first stumble upon the CHOICE KL website way back in Nov 08, I decided to take the plunge by signing up for CHOICE 85 without any expectations. Having been through the CHOICE weekend, I am now ready to get a step closer to God. Thank you to the CHOICE team for a job well done" ~  Julia


CHOICE 84 grads: 

" I had the best spritual fun ever. Thank you again :)"  ~ Juanita

"It is a fabulous and meaninful weekends for single adults as we journey in life real important decision making stage" ~ Sheilla 

" It has been able to create more awareness and understanding of myself"  ~ Adison 

" No regrets. It's surely inspiring  and life changng" ~  Donna

" It is a good programme and must be experienced by single adults. It helps us to mature and understand the relationships in our lifes" ~ Melissa


Angie, CHOICE 81 grad:

“I was just looking around, and think this is really brilliant :) I’m still high with the whole Choice weekend experience, and am certain that the sensation would last a lifetime !! Thanks for your warmth, love and support to all fellow Choice 81 graduates and the entire Choice Family….I'm grateful for your prayers, support and ultimately love :)”

Anonymous :

CHOICE made me realize that I was asking God the wrong questions. It really opened my eyes to issues that I hadn't really thought about. There were many things that I took for granted in my life prior to CHOICE. And I was so busy thinking of myself that I overlooked the importance of the relationships I had with different people especially my parents. CHOICE helped me realize my priorities as a single adult and the way I should relate to the people in my life.

Dianna, CHOICE 80 grad

This one weekend was the most worthwhile 48 hours of my life. A weekend which I truly hesitated to attend at first but am glad I finally decided to go for it. I remember loads of cousins persuading me profusely to attend this weekend. But it irked me a lot since no one wanted to reveal what the weekend was about. Everything was so secretive and it did not help when the weekend was only meant for single, working adults. It made me wonder if this was some weekend where singles get hooked up.

Things changed when the CHOICE 80 recruitment drive was going on. A friend which showed strong persuasion convinced me to sign up. I was facing a very difficult time then and this coincided with CHOICE 80. I now know this was no twist of fate and I was meant to attend the weekend. During CHOICE, I found myself growing closer to God. I realized a sense of belonging and most importantly, I learnt to cope with the difficulties I face in life and to forgive the wrong done to me. It seems surprising how so much could be accomplished in just one weekend. Well, only by attending it, you will understand the joy and laughter in life along with the trials that crosses everyone’s path. I met a group of friends who shared their experiences and their strength to carry on walking in life. It made me appreciate all I have in my life. I also found a circle of caring, wonderful friends and we all are there for one another while traveling our own journeys.

This is one weekend which was an eye opener to me. I now cherish all the happy moments in my life and when things get difficult, my time with God always pulls me through. I thank that friend who made me sign up for CHOICE because she really helped me come out from my weakest moment in life. Everything happens for a reason so if you happen to hear someone asking you to attend the weekend, it is not by chance. It means you are meant to be there. Be part of the CHOICE family and you will grow with love and to serve others. This weekend will change your perception in life.



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